Revell Limited Edition USS Voyager (1:670)
By Alex Dumas 2011

This is the Revell/Monogram Limited Edition USS Voyager kit that I built a few years ago. Scale is 1:670. As you can see from the pictures below a lot of hours and attention to details was put into this project. From drilling all the windows to adding details missing from the kit (by carefully studying the studio model), lightning the kit, weathering the hull, making landing gear and adding aftermarket shuttles (including the Delta Flyer), every effort was put into this piece to create an accurate replica. The subtle panelling effect was made using Thomas Models' painting technique (great reference!)

I have initially created the landing gear for this project, which I then made available as an add-on resin kit (now sold by Federations Models). Unfortunately, the struts have sagged slightly over time, mainly because of the added weight from the lightening system I assume. Even though, Voyager is still standing rock solid on his feet!

I used the AMT/ERTL fiber optic light kit that came with the Enterprise-D model. I have added a few more lights, square leds for the photon banks and rear thrusters and even some beacons. The power system is external (four C batteries) and plugs into a whole on the left side of the engineering hull so it can be hide away from the model. The main beacon underneith the hull has its own small battery which needs to be replaced after a few years running.

I have took a few night pictures. However, the brightness is more intense on the following pictures (I still need to learn my camera night setup). Picture above is the actual brightness.

I added three Speedboat shuttles (Type-9), which two are glued on the shuttle bay deck, the Delta Flyer and the Aerowing (Captain's yacht).

I was planning on adding some small figures behind the window but I never add the time to do so. The dorsal spine can be removed for easy (relatively) access to the lightning system so it should be too complicated to add these eventually.

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Alex Dumas