In this section you will find assembled examples of Sci-High's Viper Mark II. Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to have your kit posted here. Hopefully I'll be able to build one for myself as well and post pictures here in the near future.


Darren Bertrand's Mark II

Darren Bertrand has spent over 8 months in the making of his amazing Viper. And don't miss Darren's two parts review on Starship Modeler!

Darren added details to the landing gear struts. Great great job all over!


Bobby Wong's Viper

The serial number and relatively clean weathering is based off the screen caps of Starbuck's Viper from Season 1 "Acts of Contrition".

Bobby's latest pilot pattern, Little Kara (available as a separate upgrade). Kara features the same beautiful craftsmanship as Little Lee, available with the Viper Mark 7 kit.

Bobby's Black Sun (left) and Sci-High (right) Vipers... Click here for a closer look.


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