New pilot (Kara) & landing gear for Sci-High Models Mk2

As with Little Lee, Bobby Wong did a great job with Little Kara! Below is a
comparison between a casting of Lee (left) and Kara's pattern (right). Notice the
joystick position which is on the right on the Mk7 (Lee) and centered on the Mk2 (Kara).
Kara also features a more female shape and a little more detailed body (e.g. side arm).

Here's a cleaned-up casting of Kara fresh from the oven! She comes with 2 heads;
Helmet with visor down or up (yes you can even see her face ...Bobby is amazing!)

Same casting (primed) with the visor down helmet and sat in a Mk2 casting.

From the same guys who made the landing gear for the Viper Mk7 is a set especially
designed for the Viper Mk2. Accurate and easier to installed than the original parts!
Below is a cleaned-up casting. Click here for an example (picture from Douglas B.)

Contact me for availability and pricing.

Alex Dumas