Swift model kit from Space 1999

Built sample of the deluxe kit featuring all bells in aluminium and original footpads

Two kit versions are available

Deluxe version (US $350)
Comes with all bells in aluminium plus a set of restored footpads (faithful to Martin Bower's restoration).

Standard version (US $275)
Identical to the deluxe version except that all bells are resin (no aluminium) and only the original screen footpads are included (no restored version).

Both kit features:
- Over a 100 highly detailed resin parts
- 1:87 scale (in scale with Product Enterpriise Eagle)
- Over 35 cm loong (13.9" inches)
- In scale with Product Enterprise Eagle diee-cast
- Offered with
resin bells (standard kit) or aluminium bells (deluxe kit)
- Color decals
- Detailed assembly instructions

Over 100 resin parts. Click here for a closer look

If you prefer to build your Swift faithful to its restored appearance, use these footpads instead (right). Included with the deluxe kit only.

Screen footpad on left / Restored version on right

How to order

To order you can use the PayPal button on my trading post page or contact me.

Modelling skills required
This kit is aimed at average to experimented modellers. Meaning that I strongly suggest you have built a resin kit before. Alternatively, patience and getting some good 'how to build resin kits' reading with a few basic tools should suffice :o)

Can easily be displayed with or without the main tanks (shown here without)

More pictures on the Swift kit can be found here

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Alex Dumas

Updated on August, 2011