The making (page 4)

The tanks will be directly fixed onto the dorsal pod as seen on screen, or simply sat using 'saddles' as with the restored version (the square part at the bottom of the picture).

Next photos show the test kit fully assembled (but only primed) aside a Product Enterprise 12" Eagle.

The Swift is almost 2" (50 mm) longer than the Eagle.

The test kit during painting. The kit is kept in subassemblies to ease the finishing steps. Although it's not clear on the picture below, two tones of red and orange are applied to simulate the paneling pattern. Different shades of white/grey were also applied. Click here for a closer look.

After applying decals, some weathering (wash and pastels) and a clear coat to seal the finish, the test kit is now completed!

Here being displayed without the main tanks. The tanks are fixed with the saddles and two small screws to secure them.

The test kit features the footpads as seen on screen but restored version of the footpads have also been made (right).

Don't forget to order your copy of & fantasy modeller volume sixteen which features a 10 pages article on the making of my Swift (sample photos below).

More pictures on the Swift kit here

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The kit

Please see my trading page to order. More pictures on the demo kit here.

- Over a 100 highly detailed resin parts
- 1:87 scale (in scale with Product Enterprrise Eagle)
- Over 35 cm llong (13.9" inches)
- In scale with Product Enterprise Eagle diie-cast
- Offered with resin bells (standard kit) or aluminium bells (deluxe kit)
- Color decals
- Detailed assembly instructions

I would like to thank the following people for their precious help in this project

Chris Potter
Chris Trice
George Takacs
Hector P Feria
John Cole
Mike Reader
Pierre-Alain Prasse
Todd Petit