The SW-190 Space Wolf (Spacewolf) is a small single seat high speed space fighter, loaded onto the Arcadia. It was designed on the base of a Focke Wulf FW-190 German fighter aircraft from WW2 and shows many design sensibility. The Space Wolf has proven to be a very effective weapon against the Mazone fighters.

The Space Wolf had a white and red paint scheme in the original animation series from 1978. The colors in later series or movies - like in Harlock 1984 - was green with the underside blue (like in the picture above). The Space Wolf is also known in the French version (Albator) as one of the "Aviscoops" carried in the Arcadia (Atlantis).

Length: 11.3 meters (37 ft.)
Width: 11 meters (36 ft.)
Height: 5 meters (16.4 ft.)


The making

I tried since many years to find models of the famous space fighters seen in Captain Harlock’s series.  After extensive researches and with the help of a fellow modeller, Knowlton McEachern, I manage to find an ultra rare model kit of the Space Wolf made in the early 1980's by Takara. At the time it was only available in Japan from what I know. Unfortunately, it is poorly detailed and somewhat inaccurate - Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about, click here to see the original kit.

Therefore, I have decided to make my own kit using all the references I found over the years (I have put most of them in the gallery by the way). Below are photos of the four Space Wolves I have made for myself.  I have only made two runs of these kits. The pictures with a light grey background are kits from the remastered version - Those with the light blue background are from the original release kit.

Click here for another shot at my two oldest Wolves on display, made from the first version.


The kit

Please see my trading page for the kit availability.
Picture below is from the latest remastered version.

- 24 detailed resin parts
- Color decals (not shown)
- Clear canopy, cockpit and pilot
- 1:100 scale (10 cm / 4 inches)
- Complete instructions

Read Olivier Cabourdin's preview of the 2nd edition on Starship Modeler.