Eagletransporter.com - An infotainment site run for fans of Space 1999 and the Eagle Transporter in particular

Federation Models - Distributors of Science Fiction Model Kits. Great customer service!

HobbyLink Japan - On of the best on-line retailer to buy from Japan.

JBOT Decals - Jim is a Canadian who makes great custom decals for various subjects including sci-fi.

Starship Modeler - The best place to stay aware of everything that goes on in the sci-fi modeling world. They also have a store.


Albator SSX - A complete source on Captain Harlock's universe.

Alfred's Mind - The creative works of Alfred Wong, professional illustrator, model-maker, storyboards artist and concept designer.

CornPoneFlicks - The Harlock mechanical guide is very informative of the spaceships seen in the Harlock universe. Great reading!

Digimix Studio - Stunning CGIs on Star Blazers, Captain Harlock and other Japanimation series.

Douraku Oyaji - Incredible scratchbuilts on Star Blazers and more. Featuring a one meter long Andromeda!

Fantastic Plastic - Very impressive site with lots of informattion on almost every sci-fi kits from the 50s to here. A must see!

Leiji Matsumoto Official Web site - Didicated to the creator of the most amazing Japanimation series such as Captain Harlock, Star Blazers (Yamato) and many more.

Le Monolithe - Nice modeling site featuring scratchbuilt projects and well explained techniques.

Maritime Science Fiction Modelers - A very active community in sci-fi modeling!

My Anime Collection - Patrick Sacco's personal collectioon. Quit extensive.

M-Okamot - Japanese garage kit maker of excluusive resin models on the Star Blazers series!

Ship Schematics - Technical information and graphics on all spaceships, fighters and other vehicles from the Yamato series.

Soy-Ya!! - Incredible resin models on the Staar Blazers series. Don't miss their "K2M" section - Probably the best models made yet on those subjects!

Webring LEIJI francophone - A  community devoted to every aspects related to Leigi Matsumoto, specially Harlock (Albator).

YOIKO-Q garage models - Amazing models from a guy named "Good Boy Q" featuring some of Star Blazers greatest battleships and much more!