Below you will find pictures of models I have either scratch built, produced or built from stock kits. You will get more information on my work from the reviews and articles section at the bottom of this page. You may also refer to my creations page (Sci-High Models) for the kits I have produced or currently in the work.

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Reviews, articles and assembly guides

Below are reviews and assembly guides on kits I have produced as well as some 'how-to' articles.

Space 1999 Eagle accessories
(2007) BSG Viper Mk7
(2007) BSG Viper Mark VII
(2006) BSG Viper Mark II
(2005) Harlock Blue Arcadia
Harlock Space Wolf
Harlock Cosmo Wing

(2011) Remastering Cassiopée's Nautilus battleship
(2010) Building the Swift from Space 1999 - & fantasy modeller volume 16
Reducing technique
(2008) Scribing technique
(2007) Scratchbuilding the Viper Mark VII
(2005) Scratchbuilding the Viper Mark II

Assembly guides (latest versions)
(2011) The Swift
(2008) Eagle accessories
(2007) Viper Mark VII
(2005) Viper Mark II
(2004) Blue Arcadia
(2004) Space Wolf

(2006) Cosmo Wing