The Cosmo Wing (Cosmowing) is a versatile multi-purpose heavy fighting craft, loaded onto the Arcadia. Beside his well equipped armament, it can deploy smaller fighter plane, Bullet One (Dagger), from its fuselage. It also carries a drill-nosed fighter, Bullet Two, and a reconnaissance ground vehicle, Bullet Three. The 1977 Space Pirate Captain Harlock TV Series book lists this design as a Z-Wing fighter.

The Cosmo Wing was mainly seen in the original series from 1978. It is also known in the French version, Albator, as one of the Aviscoops fighters carried onto the Atlantis (Arcadia). Until now, searches to find the official dimensions of the Cosmo Wing have been in vain. However, by comparing some drawings with reference points, like a average pilot, the length of the craft is estimated to 17 meters (55.9 ft.)

The making

For many years I have tried to find model kits of the smaller fighters from Captain Harlock’s series, especially those aboard the Blue Arcadia: The Cosmo Wing, the Space Wolf and the Bullets vehicles like the Dagger fighter. After intensive research and with the help of a fellow modeler, I was able to find an ultra rare model kit of the Cosmo Wing made back in the early 1980’s by Takara - It was only available in Japan from what we know.  Unfortunately, it is poorly detailed and inaccurate for most parts.

Still, I was waiting for so long to get my hands on this one that I have decided to go on an extensive process of modifying the kit to my satisfaction.  I gathered as much references as I could and put in many hours to obtain a decently detailed and quite accurate replica.

Photos of a finished kit (above and below) are from the original release I did in 2002. The model has been remastered and retooled since. The picture at the bottom of this page is a casting from that latest version. Many details have been added and some parts, like the nozzles, were completely redesigned. The casting process as also been refined since the first release.


The kit

I have a limited number of kits available for those interested. Please see my trading page for the kit availability. Picture below is from the latest remastered version.

- 15 detailed resin parts
- 1:170 scale (10 cm / 4 inches)
- Complete instructions

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