The making of the Tower & Bridge sections

For the bridge section I used the window part from the 1/1000 green Arcadia kit and made castings out of it.  I then glued these parts to a styrene frame (the white part) that will become the bridge itself.

More parts were used from the 1/1000 and 1/1600 kits (green pieces) - All were heavily modified with styrene parts and epoxy putty (yellow finish).

Below you can clearly see all the white styrene plastic used to make the bridge section - It's almost like sculpting.

Same technique was used for the bridge tower - Notice the photo-etched parts on each sides of the tower (gold finish).

To save some time, main radar has been duplicate to make each sides the same.

Frequent test-fits are done to make sure everything fits and "looks" right.

To make the base of the tower section I duplicated parts I have scratchbuilt earlier (module on the left). These parts are for the main canons habitat.

Then I made a styrene frame using thick plastic sheets (next two photos). The shaping is mostly done with hobby files.

Test-fit of the tower and base sections - Notice the front part in resin (main canon habitat) that I made using the duplicated pieces earlier.

Before adding the final details, another test-fit of all the different components onto the main fuselage.  Blue and grey plastic parts are re-worked scrap pieces took from other kits - I never throw any unused parts away!

Same view angle after applying the primer coat.  This step reveals little imperfections that will be corrected later.  More details still needs to be added as well.

Here's what the same parts look like once the final details have been added and all surfaces imperfections removed - If you look closely at the front surface of the tower, you can see small engraved lines (with four holes in between).  The small parts at the lower right of the picture are the patterns for side turrets assemblies and navigational lights units.

Copyright 2004.