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Below are pictures of the project with some explanations on how some parts were made.

I have started with the ship's bow (front section) as it is the most difficult part to replicate correctly. Not to mention that many details and dimensions differs from references to another - This is always the case with old animated series.

After many hours of scratbuilding, buffing and sanding, the first results are coming out real nice. The pictures show the bow after its first primer coat. At this step there are still details to be added as well as scribed lines. The primer also reveals minor surface imperfections that will be corrected later.

Yes the gun turrets will rotate! ...a little more than 90 degrees each sides.

Photo-etched prototypes for the bridge antennas. These are made by a fellow modeler from Europe.

Unlike what I thought at the planning stage, the rear section was much more complicated to build than the bow.

More details and scribed lines will be added later. Again, the primer coat reveal minor defects that will be removed in the steps ahead.

Next is a test fit of the front and rear sections. The model will be over 28 cm in length! Click here for a full size picture.

Below is the middle section where the main bridge is located - You can see that the dome portion has been reworked to fit the tower junction.  Click here for a top view at the bridge.

There is still more parts to be made like side-gun turrets, fins, antennas, etc. More scribed lines also need to be added.

Click here for a bigger view at what the model look like so far.

Some of you have asked me how I was building the parts, so I have made a special page on how the bridge & tower sections were made.

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