The Blue Arcadia from the 1978 series is in fact the second Arcadia commended by Captain Harlock, the Green Arcadia being the first one. The battleship is also known as the Death Shadow II and under the name Atlantis from the French series Albator.

The Blue Arcadia was launched in 2970 and has a crew of 42 including the main computer which owns the soul of Arcadia's creator and Harlock's best friend, Tochiro Oyama - Learn more on this magnificent vessel on the Blue Arcadia's tribute page.
Length: 400 meters (1312 ft.)
Width: 290 meters (952 ft.)
Height: 160 meters (523 ft.)


The making

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Below are pictures of the kit I have built for myself. Since this is a casting from my original scratch built model, I am planning on making more versions eventually. Such as one in battle (with heavy damage) and maybe even one Arcadia landed on water. Some of the photos are available in larger definition - Just click on the picture to do so when possible.

Page 2 shows the resin kit with all the different parts while page 3 focus on the making with photos of the project and explanations on how some of the parts were made. Page 4 is a newly added section that presents this kit aside an original 1:1500 Arcadia (Alcadia) made by Takara in the early 1980's.

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The kit

have a limited number of kits available for those interested. Please see my trading page for the kit availability.

- 57 detailed resin parts
- Photo-etched details set
- Color decals
- 1:1400 scale (28 cm / 11 inches)
- Complete instructions

Read Olivier Cabourdin's in box review of the Arcadia on Starship Modeler.

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