Greetings / Bonjour,

My name is Alex Dumas. I am a Canadian from the province of Quebec and I live on the South-Shore of Montreal city. For more than 10 years now, one of my favourite hobbies has been science-fiction modeling. My interest is mainly on spaceships and fighters, well, mostly everything that flies in the sci-fi world. From the research of the subject to acquiring the model and throughout the building or scratchbuilding process, I love every part of it!

Like most kids I had the chance to build some models but nothing too serious in my childhood. I burned up most of them while playing (but what fun I had back then!) Years later I got back in the hobby on a more serious basis and with more means and experience. So far, I managed to find back most of the models I had in the 80ís. It did not take me long to realize what a fortune went up into smoke considering today's price tag of some of these vintage kits.

The science fiction subjects I prefer are from Galactica, Star Trek, Space 1999, UFO, Starship Troopers, Aliens, Star Wars and many more. I also have a fascination with many "Japanimation" series like Captain Harlock (Albator), Star Blazers (Yamato), Crusher Joe, Lensman, Gatchaman (Battle of the planets), Captain Future, Gundams, etc. Captain Harlock has probably been the greatest hero of my childhood and was by far, my favourite show!

Now, lets get back to what's interesting.



The header on this page was made using the illustration created by Jenny Catchpaugh. Used under permission.